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Days of SUMMER (2019 -)

Gangtok, a small mountain city in the state of Sikkim, India has overtime grown bigger and dense, leaving barely any open space for the ordinary public. The city has become a concrete jungle of supermarkets, office buildings, hotels and spaces catering mostly to tourists, as it is heavily dependent on tourism. 

The only potentially available open space in the Gangtok main city is a large terrace atop a supermarket in the Lal Bazaar area. This is where many of Gangtok’s young people come and spend their time. It is here that the small skateboarding community in Gangtok has been meeting and attempting to skate.

“Days of Summer” is an attempt to document the coming-of-age story of a small community of skate boarders from the city of Gangtok, waiting and searching for a space to belong. It represents a ray of hope and an alternative to the town’s darker reality overshadowed by the beautiful and mystical mountains and valleys of a tourist town.

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